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Enterprise Cloud Server Hosting – Affordable, Scalable Solutions

If you are business, big or small, you want credible online presence. If your core focus is development of apps and software, then you need the best hosting solution. For businesses, enterprise cloud server hosting is the latest in a long line of hosting service types. Some of the features of enterprise cloud server hosting are discussed below.

Scale up or tone down

The easy scalability is one of the top reasons to choose enterprise cloud server hosting for your business. You would typically need to have a solution where you control the type of infrastructure, resources, and services you choose from the service provider. You can choose hardware that fits your budget, and resources that meet your needs, and services that suit your requirements. The scalability also ensures that you can go for more resources when needed, or choose not to use resources when they are not needed.

Budget friendliness

Enterprise cloud server hosting carries with it the element of being budget friendly. You can choose the resources you want and not other resources. This means you don’t pay for what you don’t use. This focused utilization of resources is good news for your budget.

cloud-serverEasy management

Should you choose to manage your account yourself you get help in the form of a control panel. The control panel may cost extra depending on your hosting plan. The benefits are worth the cost. You would get to manage your account through a single window, look up resource use, allocate resources, choose settings, find billing related information, all through your efficiently organized control panel.

Foolproof security

Worried about security? With the right enterprise cloud server hosting you have the assurance of the best security tools. You get firewalls, encryption, and tools that help you maintain privacy. Whether you choose public or private cloud servers, the security aspect remains consistent.

Managed hosting

If your schedule is full and you don’t have time to manage your account you could let the service provider offer managed enterprise cloud server hosting. This gives you more time to focus on your responsibilities while the hosting aspect of the business, is monitored and managed by the service provider. You would want to ask about the qualifications of the people managing the system. Ideally, they should be experienced engineers who understand what hosting is all about.

Resource rich solutions

You want to have the best resources, so ideally, choosing a hosting plan that offers plenty in terms of space on hard drive, bandwidth, RAM, makes sense. Additionally, you want to ensure that your plan is compatible with your hardware whether you are using SATA, SAS, or SSD drives. You would also want to have bandwidth that accommodates traffic volumes, with the option of scaling when needed.


Your plan must be compatible with your hardware and software. This would include your hard drive, and your operating system. You can choose plans consistent with OS such as Windows and Linux. You would also have to check if the plan is compatible with particular versions of your OS.

Load bearing

Cloud hosting providers work to optimize the network. The servers are set in a network that is efficient and offers low downtime. If one node is loaded with too much data and goes down, other nodes take over to maintain operations. Also the network is provided with checks and balances to prevent overloading at a single node. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure reliable functioning. You would also get a guarantee of uptime from your service provider, helping you make the most of your hosting service.

Fast troubleshooting

When problems arise in the system they don’t follow a schedule. That is why it is important to undertake troubleshooting measures to ensure that your system performs optimally. You would want the reliability of 24/7 technical assistance. This way, problems can be eliminated as soon as they arise. This limits the potential for damage and keeps your system stable for a long time to come.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your enterprise cloud server hosting plan works to your advantage. You would need the assistance of your service provider, to offer recommendations as far as existing infrastructure is concerned, offer tech support, and help in choosing the right plans. For any questions, please contact the toll free number at 18002122022. For early birds, there is a discount of 16% on hosting services.

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