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When businesses begin to outgrow the resources which shared hosting plans can offer, they should consider either VPS hosting or dedicated hosting plans. In VPS server hosting, a single server is compartmentalized to produce multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers will have its own operating system and users will enjoy root access to the server. This means that when you choose VPS hosting India plans, you will have complete control over the server; you can reboot it if necessary and tweak its settings to suit your business interests.

What benefits will VPS hosting India plans offer you?

  • With VPS hosting India plans, you can expect to enjoy a high degree of stability and reliability. Since users have root access to the server, they can allocate resources to satisfy their business requirements. VPS hosting offers greater control and privacy; it guarantees a higher network uptime. This makes VPS hosting more reliable compared to shared hosting plans in which multiple users have to share resources belonging to the same server.
  • When you choose VPS hosting India plans, you can install applications and other software to cater to your business needs. You do not have to wait for the provider’s approval to install scripting languages of your choice. This implies that VPS hosting is definitely more flexible compared to shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, the chances of resources getting used up by some users are always high and your site may slow down because of the inability of enough bandwidth or server space.
  • With VPS hosting India plans, you do not have to worry about your site getting blacklisted because some other co-users run malicious software. In shared hosting, your site rankings are liable to get affected when you neighbors are prone to hacking or virus attacks. VPS hosting is secure because users have the freedom to install security measures of their choice.
  • Finally, VPS hosting is environment-friendly and uses resources efficiently. When you choose VPS hosting India plans, you can successfully reduce the carbon footprint.


These are some of the key benefit which VPS hosting can offer you. This explains why this type of web hosting is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses that want to enjoy all features of the dedicated server without paying a fortune for it. VPS hosting is considered to be the ideal middle ground between dedicated hosting on the one hand, and shared hosting on the other. When you choose managed VPS hosting plans, the responsibilities of securing and maintaining the server rest entirely with you hosting provider.

How to choose VPS hosting India providers:

You will come across many VPS hosting providers in India, but you can use some useful tips to make the right decision.

  • To begin with, you must find out how much CPU and RAM you will be entitled to when you buy a VPS hosting package from a provider. 256MB RAM is believed to be sufficient for a regular website, but a site that is very rich in content or graphic-intensive may need higher RAM. The CPU is necessary for scheduling tasks and also allocating resources; this is why you should be able to access a generous amount of processing power to be able to enjoy sufficient resources for your website. Without these two factors, your website can slow down.
  • Your provider should be able to offer you a user-friendly control panel so that administration becomes simpler and you can get access to features which will maximize your site’s performance.
  • Your VPS provider must have a rock solid, robust infrastructure so that the hosting plans are reliable and secure. Any reputed and reliable provider will also guarantee effective data recovery and backup provisions.
  • Your VPS host must also provide round-the-clock technical supports through live chat facilities, emails and phone calls.

Finally, the provider you sign up with should have a sound financial background and a solid reputation. You can check for client feedbacks about its performance and read online reviews about it in third party sites. It is also recommended that you check for attractive offers on various provider websites to make the final choice. Singing up with a host which allows you to try out its free trial packages is a good decision.

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