Is Dedicated Server Hosting the Right Choice for You?

In dedicated server hosting, the client enterprise rents out an entire server entirely for its own use; as such, all the resources like disk space, bandwidth and memory belonging to that server are reserved for the exclusive use of the client. This is different from shared hosting where multiple users reside on the same server and share the resources of that server collectively. As such, these enterprises cannot enjoy unlimited bandwidth or unlimited disk space and their sites may face downtime because of over-congestion.

How does dedicated server hosting benefit businesses?

  • Dedicated server hosting offers a high degree of customizability allowing client enterprises to enjoy all the resources of that server for their own purpose. They can tweak the server settings and install applications and software which will cater to their business requirements.

  • Dedicated hosting also guarantees a higher network uptime because you have complete control over the resources. There is no issue of downtime because resources are not over-used by co-users. This ensures stability and better performance for the websites.

  • With a dedicated server India provider, you do not have to worry about downtime issues as there is minimum server congestion. Unlike shared hosting where many users are fighting for the same resources, in dedicated hosting, you do not have to wait for resources. In case you need additional resources, the host will provide them without delays so that your site can continue to function optimally, even when the traffic peaks.

  • Dedicated server hosting offers a high degree of data security as there are robust anti-virus measures and firewall protections that can be suitably customized by users. Besides, servers which have been placed in colocation facilities enjoy the physical security provisions in those locations, such as security guard monitoring, biometric authentication, keycard entries etc.

  • Finally with dedicated hosting plans, you can expect to get round-the-clock technical supports through phone, chats and emails. Without constant support, site disruptions are hard to avoid. When you choose fully managed dedicated hosting plans, you will get 24×7 server monitoring.


How to choose dedicated server hosting plans:

  • Before you sign up with any dedicated hosting provider, it is important to consider some factors; for instance, the hardware quality. Your provider should offer you hardware from reputed manufacturers only like Dell or IBM. They should also offer hardware replacement guarantees and you can check for these in their Service Level Agreements or SLAs. You will come across many dedicated hosting service providers that offer cheap hosting solutions, but their replacement guarantees may not be effective and you may not get the parts you need on an emergency basis.

  • Your dedicated server hosting provider must also be able to guarantee round-the-clock technical support through live chats, emails and phone calls. It may be a wise decision to test their services to check their response times. Ideally, they should provide you with immediate technical assistance from experts instead of referring you to a Wiki page or a FAQ article for help.

  • When choosing a dedicated host, you must consider a review of the SLA because you have to be confident that the host guarantees a high network uptime of 99.9%.

  • The provider should also offer you a user-friendly control panel for easy editing and must be capable of supporting your choice of operating systems, whether Linux or Windows. Linux dedicated hosting is usually cheaper because Linux is an open source platform and you do not have to pay licensing fees.

  • Your provider should also be able to assist you when you must migrate from an existing dedicated server hosting plan to another plan. When you use control panels like cPanel or Plesk, this process of migration becomes easier.

These are some of the criteria you need to evaluate before signing up with any dedicated hosting service provider in India. It is recommended that you choose a provider which offers you attractive online discounts on their hosting plans and a money back guarantee. This will enable you to decide whether their services are indeed trustworthy or not. In case you are not satisfied with their services, you can always discontinue them and claim a refund.

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