The Merits of a Business Suit

When it comes to business wear, it can be constrictive and dull. It’s no wonder, then, that you’re stoked at the  end of the work day to get into a more casual outfit, complete with some shoes from Famous Footwear, so you can feel free again. However, the sometimes stiff and rigid suit serves an important function in the high stakes world of financial transactions. You might be asking, “What’s the big deal? What’s so important about suits?” Well, suits serve the role of making you trustworthy to strangers, in a nutshell. As much as the executives at Silicon Valley have tried over the years, the suit and tie has yet to be replaced by khaki’s and tennis shoes. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world still requires formal attire in the work place and those important meetings with customers.

First and foremost, a suit in a professional setting is a uniform, of sorts, that projects an image of the company as a united effort. It says to clients that your company is a team of competent individuals united under one banner, so to speak. And, it tells your workers that they aren’t alone in their struggles. Beyond this, of course, the suit expedites your first impression by presenting a professional look that tells new coworkers and potential clients that you have your stuff together and that you’re ready to work. Your suit will also give you an air of gravitas, and people like to know that the people they’re handing money over will take the whole affair seriously. Wearing track pants and sneakers may not win the confidence of someone who is about to sign a large contract that involves a lot of capital and commitment.

Let’s not forget the status of the suit in the fashion world. Suits are the height of men’s fashion, at the very least, so it serves an aesthetic function, as well. Imagine if fast food workers had uniforms as classy as a suit. It may be a uniform that everyone has to wear, but it also makes you look like a baller. Jokes aside, the suit is an important symbol of the business world for several reasons, but at the end of the day, at least you look cool. Fashions change from season to season, and what’s the cool and hip thing one year is taboo the next. Have you ever looked at pictures from you 10 years prior? Ever thought your clothing style and hairdo were absolutely ridiculous? Of course you have, we have all been there. While specific suit colors and styles might change with the times, the concept of the suit as a fashion statement remains. These days a double breasted slim fitting suit with the skinny tie seems to be in, and tomorrow we might go back to the wider ties and looser fitting attire, but regardless of the changes, it will still be a suit!

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